02. February 2021
Essential molecules are those that are required for life. In 30y of trying to develop a vaccine against HIV, we do not have one. Instead, we have small molecule inhibitor cocktail. The Astra Zeneca vaccine is not looking goof for COVID19 new variants. You must take care of yourself. Linoleic acid is one of the only known essential fatty acids and guess what? It was just identified as present in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19 causing virus; video link below) as present when the virus is closed and...
09. September 2020
If vitamin D were a drug, everyone would no about it thanks to advertising, but instead, the vaccine beat goes on against a virus the member of a family of viruses for which vaccines have consistently failed for years due to mutability.
05. September 2020
The human genome project is incredibly valuable for all of us, but you must know.
31. August 2020
Vitamins are not merely for homeostasis. They are more importantly by definition the molecules required for human cellular life and as such, the pinnacle of western biomedical science. Nobody should be dying from COVID unless they are very advanced and only getting medical attention far too late.
22. August 2020
Over 200 Clinical trials, 18 years of focus, and literally billions spent on Alzheimer’s Disease have met a 99.6% failure rate. The problem is largely 3-fold. You can not solve nutritional deficiency problems with pharmaceuticals, monotherapeutic approaches are not the way to go, and you can’t just treat a disease focused on the endpoint pathology (proteinopathies; largely tau or beta amyloid).
04. August 2020
In South Korea they have eliminated COVID-19, largely by using hydroxychloroquine. However ordinary buy-it-anywhere zinc may or may not work just as well as prescription hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine is a known zinc ionophore, assisting the transport of zinc to get into the cell. Simple old zinc is essential to probably thousands of our genes. This is what molecular biology has taught us. Everybody knows zinc pills work against colds (Cold-Ez, etc...).
30. July 2020
Amazing testimony / recovery from 9 years with Alzheimer’s disease. Case studies ARE most important.
30. July 2020
Once tube is in throat in Spain, chances of leaving hospital are less than 20%, but with Dr. Varon in Houston, its >95% for COVID. His approach uses high-dose vitamin C, thiamine, cortizone, and heparin (same standard in Shanghai, China except for thiamine, which should be added too/no downside). Make sure you are aware for personal guidance as needed. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-53576427/meet-the-covid-hunter-of-houston https://www.click2houston.com/health/2020/04/17/loca
21. July 2020
ApoE isoforms are all genetic tests anyone can do, but the data from this new study suggests that perhaps simply taking fish oil could render all of that moot, the fish oils helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and related.
01. July 2020
No. 1 cause of death by a country mile? Coronary heart disease. Most clear way to prevent this? Well, stop smoking of course, but also take a little potassium. It costs as much as baking soda, and you can use potassium bicarbonate actually to also address autoimmune conditions, so potassium bicarbonate is my favorite. 2 mos ago, personal trainer across the street from me, that can kick my butt, passes out at 3am while walking to the bathroom. Her potassium was low. Take away, its good to put a...

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