More VitD Proof Against COVID19

If VitD were a drug, everybody would know this because of advertising. 


Example of ±VitD treatment saving … (attach manuscript)



All 50 treated with recovered

Out of 26 not treated, 13 had to go to ICU and 2 died


Most amazingly, this was against a background of all getting Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine!


This proves VitD is better than the pharma as pharma did next to nothing for half of the 26. 


This was a very high dose of VitD, but these doses are not without precedent. See the book by Jeffrey Bowles, “The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of D3.” Bowles, is not a researcher, but rather a great real estate salesman turned health fanatic after greater concerns for his health while having too much fun as a young adult abroad, but he’s on to something and has the unique perspective of being able to think without bias. 


He concludes in his book that VitD is not toxic if you combine it with VitK2 and this makes perfect sense to me as it is the common recommendation by K2 experts. 


This works out to be 29,370 IU of D3/day. 


If it were me, I would recommend 

50,000iu/3-4d VitD, taking VitK2 (with predominately MK7 isoform of K2 ideally) with it every time. 


Ideally, also take zinc (100mg/d), magnesium (300mg3x/d), and sea salt. 


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If VitD were a drug, everybody would know this because of advertising. 


Fix the human body machine divine with the molecular parts it uses, not so much patentable xenobiotics (drugs).

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