Linoleic Acid Preventing COVID-19

Essential molecules are those that are required for life.


In 30y of trying to develop a vaccine against HIV, we do not have one. Instead, we have small molecule inhibitor cocktail.


The Astra Zeneca vaccine is not looking goof for COVID19 new variants.


You must take care of yourself.


Linoleic acid is one of the only known essential fatty acids and guess what? It was just identified as present in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19 causing virus; video link below) as present when the virus is closed and non-infectious.


Small molecule inhibitors mimicking linoleic have already been shown previously to stop infection in animal models studies of related disease models, but KISS - keep it simple stupid. Linoleic acid on its own may be enough. We do not know.


So eat your walnuts, 1/4th cup a day can change yer life.


The essential molecules are vitamins, certain minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids.


The essential molecules are the most important and they are the culmination of western biomedical science at the practical level for health.


Linoleic acid is one of the essential molecules and it has just been found as bound to the closed (non-infectious) form of SARS-CoV-2 (causative of COVID-19).[1]


The essential molecules, at levels that we do not fully understand, keep us alive. These levels change on the way to stress / infection-related death. Most significantly, complementation with the right amounts can keep us alive or save our lives when medicine is so informed.


Just discovered, the essential fatty acid linoleic acid (LA) is present in the closed form of COVID19 virus, where those that are deficient in LA appear to be more susceptible to COVID19 infection.[2]


These people at Max Planck Bristol Centre (UK-Germany collaborative) are amazing. Doing this research under lockdown voluntarily for the greater good, they made these discoveries. COVID19 is horrible in Germany right now.


The news piece of the Science publication and the presentation with clinical notes links are shown below.


You can wait for something patentable or just consider just eating some walnuts today. It may help. We do not know for sure.


We do know that linoleic acid is required for human life. Perhaps this is even more acutely true when about to be infected and/or are infected.




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