Hcq Works in South Korea, Do Whatever Works Now!

In South Korea they have eliminated COVID-19, largely by using hydroxychloroquine. 


However ordinary buy-it-anywhere zinc may or may not work just as well as prescription hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine is a known zinc ionophore, assisting the transport of zinc to get into the cell.  


Simple old zinc is essential to probably thousands of our genes. This is what molecular biology has taught us. 


Everybody knows zinc pills work against colds (Cold-Ez, etc...). Coronaviruses, like the one that causes COVID-19, cause colds. 


One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is loss of taste. One of the symptoms of zinc deficiency is loss of taste, which is rescuable with zinc supplementation. 


Zinc deficiency is known to be one of the most common deficiencies in the world and it would appear that zinc deficiency is likely to increase susceptibility to the progression of a COVID-19 infection. 


At the end of the day however, physicians should use whatever is available. No time for equivocation. 


Politics should be separate from this grave issue.  


Use hydroxychloroquine, use zinc, and then the other acceptable things, cortisone in acute setting along with heparin (as per the MATH protocol used by the best COVID-19 outcome physicians like Varon in Houston, Texas), and of course vitamin D, magnesium, and thiamine should be used as well. 


Zinc should not be as zinc oxide, but rather as a chelate. It should be at 50-100mg if low or just do it if you are succumbing. Copper is typically included at 1/15th, or roughly 4mg since high zinc supplementation without copper can eventually lead to copper deficiency via competition. 


Some people do have copper toxicity with exceptionally elevated levels and copper deficiency can be quite serious, especially as related to brain health, but barring the time to test for copper levels in the hair it may be best to include the copper at 3-5mg with the 50-100mg of zinc. 


Hydroxychloroquine is likely not needed if zinc is sufficient as it seems most likely that it in fact is predominately working by increasing available cellular zinc so our genes can then function optimally in the presence of said infection. 


Use the molecular parts of the human body machine in order to fix health problems. Vitamin research was/is the pinnacle of western scientific medicine and orthomolecular medicine is its practice. 


“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand may not exceed the humble and careful reasoning of an individual.”

— Galileo Galilei (Thank you Bradford Weeks, MD)

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