Vitamin C & Thiamine Rescues COVID19

This just published case study of IV VitC rescuing COVID. It's the same song & dance. It can only save your life and largely accomplished by DIY medicine. 



Use the molecular parts of the human body machine to fix its problems, repeatedly/profitable administered patentable xenobiotics (pharmaceuticals) not so much. 


These are the essential molecules as defined by the pinnacle of western medicine; vitamins, certain minerals, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, and a few more. 


Vitamin C is the infectious disease vitamin, administered at higher does (10-100g/d taken in divided doses; preferably as sodium ascorbate) the worse the symptom. 

Once tube is in throat in Spain, chances of leaving hospital are less than 20%, but with Dr. Varon in Houston, its >95% for COVID.


His approach uses high-dose vitamin C, thiamine, cortizone, and heparin (same standard in Shanghai, China except for thiamine, which should be added too/no downside). 


Make sure you are aware for personal guidance as needed. 

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