Pennies for Potassium Reduces Most Common Killer, Coronary Artery Disease; Statins are Harmful

No. 1 cause of death by a country mile? Coronary heart disease. 


Most clear way to prevent this? Well, stop smoking of course, but also take a little potassium. It costs as much as baking soda, and you can use potassium bicarbonate actually to also address autoimmune conditions, so potassium bicarbonate is my favorite. 


2 mos ago, personal trainer across the street from me, that can kick my butt, passes out at 3am while walking to the bathroom. Her potassium was low. Take away, its good to put a little potassium in your water, especially preceding night time


The best things in life are free or the cost of food. 


The Scottish study,


As we all know or should, “if it ain’t Scottish, it’s crap.” Oh BTW, Scotland did have the highest cardiovascular disease in the world for a while.


Dr. Kendrick describes analysis of this landmark study in this video that made it to the top of my watch list this week. Ok, I’m boring, but truth is more amazing than fiction in these times. 


“The cholesterol hypothesis, the greatest scam in the history of medicine,” not my words. 


Potassium deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies of all (along with magnesium and zinc… got plants?). So, association with the most common cause of death? Not surprising. 


Potassium bicarbonate powder is my favorite, but don’t take crazy high doses (not tablespoons!) or it depolarize your neurons and kill you, but also don’t freak out. Potassium bicarbonate is commonly used to prepare foods. 





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