W. Todd Penberthy, PhD (biochemistry)



Biochemical consultation service. 



Helping you understand orthomolecular and essential molecule functions to restore your good health. 



Offering nutritional guidance with home-based clinical laboratory testing services as needed in cooperation with your physician (services offered).  



I am a biochemist and continuing medical education writer developing courses describing the latest approaches for physicians, attending medical conferences, and reporting on translational medicine discoveries. 



My expertise has been and continues to be focus on all things NAD, particularly niacin, which is uniquely the best in my opinion. 




Therapeutic areas:

  • Cardiovascular disease / lipids / cholesterol / event risk 
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Diabetes 
  • Cancer
  • Neurological disease 



W. "Todd" Penberthy, PhD

PhD in Biochemistry, U. Tennessee, Memphis, 1997

Tufts, Medical College of Georgia, UCLA (1997-2004)


Mentored by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD (2004-2007; b1917-d2007)


Professor; U. of Cincinnati & U. of Central Florida; Independently directing research (2004-2012)


Continuing Medical Education writer teaching & courses for physicians to get their board certifications 2013-current


Internationally known for niacin/NAD expertise, Pubmed publications


University textbook author (niacin, vitamins B1-B3, biotin); PKN 2020  BPMAHN 2018


Member of the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine


Author: The Vitamin Cure for Arthritis; forwards to Niacin, The Real Story

Regularly attends medical conferences


Invited speaker: 

50th International Orthomolecular Medicine Today conference 2021


Mayo Clinic 2009, Case Western Reserve 2009 


Master NAD pathway

Master NAD Pathway
Master NAD P-way 22.pdf
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