W. Todd Penberthy, PhD (biochemistry)



Biochemical consultation service (anywhere) and high-powered laser photobiomodulation therapy (local central Florida only). 


Restoring your gene function as needed to you can restore your good health, without using symptom-only addressing pharmaceuticals. 





  • Telehealth consultation from the comfort of your home


  • Customized pill packets delivered to you so you only have to take once a day instead of opening 20 bottles a day. See picture to the lower right.


  • High-powered laser photobiomodulation therapy for pain relief and tissue regeneration. See my latest meta-analysis study showing it clearly works for knee osteoarthritis and refractory diabetic ulcer wounds. 



Helping you restore your good health with the molecular parts that once gave you good health (orthomolecular medicine), not xenobiotics. 



Offering nutritional guidance with home-based clinical laboratory testing services as needed in cooperation with your physician (services offered).  



I am a biochemist and continuing medical education writer developing courses describing the latest approaches for physicians, attending medical conferences, and reporting on translational medicine discoveries. 



My expertise has been and continues to be focus on all things NAD, particularly niacin (& vitamin B3s), which is uniquely the best in my opinion given the 2nd, non-vitamin flush pathway that has its own distinctive benefits as the gold standard for correcting lipodystrophy (elevated triglycerides, low HDL, high VLDL, high Lp(a), and cholesterol), but there is so much more. 




Restoring Gene Function Medicine


The pinnacle of biomedical science has been the identification of the essential molecules (vitamins and certain minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids) and the >20,000 genes with the biochemistry, which at the end of the day defines the chemical activities, of how this is done 


Today we have all of the genes, sequences, and binding domains that require said vitamins/minerals/nutrients that are required for life as determined from basic cell culture experiments that determined which nutrients are required for cellular life. 


As one gets older, you cannot absorb these things, but you need more or you have infectious agents or you have toxins that have accumulated or you have microbes that are making these toxins within you, but then if you can restore gene function you can knock all these things down or eliminate these things, but you must know. 


Deficiencies are common and can be actively caused by infection, trauma, stress, or toxins. One must know how to be replete in all pathways. It is a lot to consider, but easily addressed for the cost of food if you know. 


Safety first and these essential molecules literally save our lives daily, but you must know the list. 


We provide a service. It is roughly 20 pills and several powders for many, but makes sure to address all of your pathways so you are firing on all cylinders.


A consultation can be performed to address specific presentations and pill packs can be generated from my end and sent to you so that instead of opening 20 bottle caps a day, you simply take 3 baggies of pills 3 times a day as in the picture to the right. 






Therapeutic areas:

  • Cardiovascular disease / lipids / cholesterol / event risk 
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Diabetes 
  • Cancer
  • Neurological disease 



W. "Todd" Penberthy, PhD

PhD in Biochemistry, U. Tennessee, Memphis, 1997

Tufts, Medical College of Georgia, UCLA (1997-2004)


Mentored by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD (2004-2007; b1917-d2007)



Continuing Medical Education writer teaching & courses for physicians to get their board certifications 2013-current



Internationally known for niacin/NAD expertise, Pubmed publications



University textbook author (niacin, vitamins B1-B3, biotin); PKN 2020  BPMAHN 2018 & 2012 both



Member of the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine


Author: The Vitamin Cure for Arthritis; forwards to Niacin, The Real Story

Regularly attends medical conferences



Invited presentation to The 50th International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine conference, “NAD History - Niacin Before & Forever After”


Presentations March, 2021 to Society for the Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia: (first talk) “Niacin/NAD Your Gateway to Good Health & (2nd talk) Addressing the Challenges of Dementia with Orthomolecular Medicine


Editorial board member of the Orthomolecular Medical News Service & Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, member of the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine



Professor; U. of Cincinnati & U. of Central Florida; Independently directing research (2004-2012) 


Mayo Clinic 2009, Case Western Reserve 2009 


Master NAD pathway

Master NAD Pathway
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All of the information on this website is purely informational and does not in any way constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This is only to assist you in your research towards discussion with you physician or specialist, MD.