Galantamine/Alpha-GPC & Fish Oil Reverses 9y Alzheimer's

This is an amazing testimony / recovery from 9y with Alzheimer’s disease. 



Razadyine, molecule is galantamine, is found in snow drop plant and proven to work for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). AD with decreased acetylcholine activity and this inhibits acetylcholine breakdown. He says it’s a great jump start, but more is needed. 


His supplements include most notably fish oil. Eskimos don’t get AD. Best fish oil in my opinion is Carlson’s as a teaspoon a day. Brain shrinkage is common in AD and fish oil will recover, make your brain bigger again. His brain was shrunk when he had AD. 


Also, turmeric and a variety of other foods in his diet. 


We can learn a lot invaluable from this man! 

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