Testimonial 6/15/21


Providing Scientific Information that Changed My Life


As a caring colleague, Dr. Penberthy reached out to me following my leukemia treatment to make sure I was aware of the benefits of the nutraceutical inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) for ensuring remission in cancer survivors. Though successfully in remission just a year out from intensive chemotherapy, I was already beginning to exhibit some of the worrisome signs that presaged the initial onset of the disease.  My oncologist had warned me that should I relapse, the most likely 2nd round of treatment would be extensive radiation treatment to destroy my bone marrow followed by a bone marrow transplant, a truly grueling procedure with a less than desirable survival rate. After reading the strong literature on IP6 that Dr. Penberthy recommended, I began a daily regimen and not only did my leukemia symptoms (first cutaneous "purpura", then later a positive "molecular PCR" test) disappear, my energy level improved markedly.


That was 10 years ago, and I credit Todd with saving my life. My oncologist at that time knew nothing of IP6 because it is too cheap a product to justify pharmaceutical company sponsorship and marketing to medical professionals. Having conducted scientific research in academia, Dr. Penberthy is well positioned to facilitate the connection between the science that has been published on nutraceuticals, and the physicians who are treating patients but who have little time to read the literature in depth. 


Christine L. Miller, Ph.D.

Baltimore, Maryland