Nobody should be dying of COVID19 unless it is extremely advanced

Vitamins are not merely for homeostasis. They are more importantly by definition the molecules required for human cellular life and as such, the pinnacle of western biomedical science.
Ditto for the essential minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids as well as a few others being conditionally essential (e.g. taurine, glutamine, etc...).
On the way to cell and/or organism death, the essential molecules make all of the difference.
Nobody should be dying from COVID unless they are very advanced and only getting medical attention far too late.
Restore your health using the molecular parts of the human body machine divine d(not patentable xenobiotics or waiting for acquired immunity).
Basically, use more VitC the sicker you are, high-doses of VitD with care (together with K2 & magnesium ideally), zinc, melatonin, and sea salt (to get the other ~80 trace minerals).
VitC: as sodium ascorbate 1g/d up to bowel tolerance (up to 30-150g/ in divided doses until loose stools)
VitD: 5000iu/d or 50,000iu/week
VitK2: ≥100mcg/d K2 as MK7 form ideally
Zinc: 50-100mg/d, preferrably not as zinc oxide
Melatonin: 10mg before bed
Magnesium: 1.5g/d in divided doses, preferably not the oxide form, magnesium is often cheapest and it is clinically proven
Sea salt: 1/5th teaspoon 3x a day, food or drink

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