Alzheimer's Clinical Failures, Not Addressing the Problem

Over 200 Clinical trials, 18 years of focus, and literally billions spent on Alzheimer’s Disease have met a 99.6% failure rate. 


It is not that Alzheimer’s can’t be treated because Dale Bredesen’s work as head of Alzheimer’s Disease research Buck Research Institute has reversed Alzheimer’s with a successful rate. None of it is pharmaceutical, it is shotgun nutritional and some lifestyle.   


The problem is largely 3-fold. You can not solve nutritional deficiency problems with pharmaceuticals, monotherapeutic approaches are not the way to go, and you can’t just treat a disease focused on the endpoint pathology (proteinopathies; largely tau or beta amyloid)


The endless misguided clinical trials are tragic, but business as usual. 


I authored book chapters 2010 and 2020 on many vitamins and am aware of the latest research all things niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and biotin, but especially niacin. 


The basic niacin research continues to astound. Equally so, the complete clinical ignorance of this research astounds.

Niacin (1g/d/3mos) can cure age-related mitochondrial myopathy, which is something that gets all of us if we live into old age and there are no treatments for it. This gets all of us if we age. Nobody even knows about this. 


Why? Because there is no money to be made. We know what is advertised and ditto too many overburdened/misinformed physicians, unfortunately.  


It’s horrifyingly the same story for those suffocating to death in isolation with COVID19 now. Clearly, most do not succumb and it has nothing to do with acquired immunity for most people (not herd, not vaccine) and has everything to do with deficiencies and/or toxicities (diabetes included). Vitamin D, C, and zinc are clearly most important to not succumbing to COVID19. 


Be informed. These are the molecular parts of the human body machine that are required for your body to be healthy and truly the pinnacle of western medical science. 


These are not like so many patentable xenobiotics (pharmaceuticals) designed to repeatedly and profitably address symptoms, but never address the causes. 


As exemplified with Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trials, you can not solve health problems using pharmaceutical focused on endpoint pathologies when the cause of the problem is up-front deficiencies of essential molecules - the molecular parts required for the human body machine to restore health. 


What works best for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) to date? 


Bredesen’s protocol as described in The End of Alzheimer’s Disease has yielded the best results of which I am aware and the approach is in a sense, largely shotgun nutritional, with nothing pharmaceutical. 


The mono-therapeutic approach is unlikely to work well, but thiamine is one of the most important of all. Simply high-dose thiamine bulk powder can work wonders for many with AD, especially with TIID co-morbidity, to help with AD.  


Again, “Niacin cures adult-onset mitochondrial myopathy” was published in Cell Metabolism a couple of months ago for example. This is a common problem for us as we age and the cure is 1 gram of niacin for pennies a day. There has been no treatment for this to date - like Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). 


Why is there “no treatment”? 


Some people think of vitamins as only functioning in homeostasis, but they forget that they are by definition required for human cellular life. 


They are by definition the molecular parts of the human body machine and ideally you must be replete in all of the essential molecules to restore your health. 


The essential molecules are all vitamins, certain minerals, essential fatty acids, certain amino acids, and there are the conditionally essential as well, like taurine. 

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