Until the cause of suffering is systematically identified, symptoms can only be treated ad infinitum, but a net healing trajectory can not be achieved.


Don’t just relieve your symptoms with medications while the problem persists or worsens.


The truth is that persistent health problems can be caused by:

  • infections (bacterial, viral, mold/fungal)
  • food sensitivities (gluten, dairy, lectins, much more)
  • poor gastrointestinal function
  • environmental exposures (heavy metals, mycotoxins, glyphosphate/other chemicals)
  • above-associated/dietary deficiencies


These etiologies are usually identifiable by 1 to 3 different laboratory tests.


Tests can be done from your home in coordination with Great Plains Laboratories, which has over 40 years of experience in performing cutting edge quantitative mass spectrometry-based laboratory protocols.


Let us work together to figure out the causes of your suffering so we can directly address the problem and on a net healing trajectory.


Medicine is an art AND a science.


Let a biochemical scientist and continuing medical education author that educates physicians help you with your interactions with your physician. 


My background is in medical education, developing courses for physicians to take so they are aware of the latest advances, clinical research, and guidelines with particular considerations of orthomolecular, and integrative therapies. 


All of my services can be provided from the comforts of your own home - except for blood draws, which are easily done on a local basis for shipping to GPL for analysis.


1. Consultation via phone or video

2. Deliverable personalized report with actionable steps

3. The very best biochemical clinical testing


    For appointment:


              Phone: 1(407)951-1624 


              Email: WTPENBER@GMAIL.COM