Generally, but read the links below:

3% Hydrogen Peroxide administered with nebulizer 3-5x/d 5-10m each.




Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization and COVID Resolution Impressive Anecdotal Results

Thomas Levy, MD, JD 

May 10, 2021



Curing Viruses with Hydrogen Peroxide Can a simple therapy stop the pandemic?

Thomas Levy, MD, JD

August 21, 2020



Rapid Virus Recovery (pdf book)

Thomas Levy, MD, JD



Vitamin C; 1-20g/h for 10h as sodium ascorbate powder or liposomal pills


All below as well and more options as well further below. 


3x 5mL (tablespoons) cold pressed black cumin seed oil for the thymoquinone may be considered as well. No particular side effects and this is under clinical investigation now based on this initial publication which is downloadable and describes the use of cumin black seed oil for COVID10 as well as the personal testimony of one of the researchers I know personally. 



Vitamin D 5000iu/d or 50,000iu/wk; taken with Vitamin K2 (with MK7 isoform) every 3d

Vitamin C; 3x1g/d as pillpowder, or liposomal pill

Zinc & copper; 50mg zinc with copper roughly15:1

Magnesium; 3x300mg/d magnesium;  any form except oxide

Potassium; 2-4x100mg, 1/4th teaspoon/serving, potassium bicarbonate


Additional approaches demonstrably effective at least in case studies against COVID19:

3x 5mL (teapoon) black cumin seed oil; [1,2]

2 Sommer AP, Försterling H-D, Sommer KE. Tutankhamun’s Antimalarial Drug for Covid-19. Drug Res (Stuttg) Published Online First: 30 October 2020. doi:10.1055/a-1274-1264


1 teaspoon lysine powder taking in divided doses 3x 


Vitamin B1; 1x500mg/d, thiamine as pill or powder

1x multi-mineral chelate

Sea salt (2-3x 1/4th teaspoon rough)

Diverse food; e.g. cup of leafy, cup of colorful, cup of sulfur plants, and boiled egg


NOTE: The easiest approach is to buy bulk powders, make smoothie with all of the above, and sip as needed. This repletes you as needed. Caution: Do not take way too much potassium as this would be deadly. I am not sure exactly how much is too much, but just don’t ever take more than 1 teaspoon at a time. Potassium is one of the most common deficiencies of all and it is incredibly beneficial, so don’t get shy either. Just be safe. The daily potassium RDA is roughly 4g, which is nearly a teaspoon. 




Here are the details of the updated COVID Care Protocol by the EVMS Group (and they are among the best!).  


If you are suffering from COVID, ideally find someone like Dr. Marik, doing the following type of approach. It is essential to get treatment as quickly and as early as possible to avoid permanent damage. Using high-dose intravenous vitamin C with steroids and heparin is the standard of care in China now and has being used in the USA too by Marik and critical care. Thiamine is used as well for the Marik-associated MATH+ complete protocol


As far as DIY attempts, these are approaches that are safe, but of course an ER staff is needed if it is too bad. Find a physician that practices intravenous vitamin C therapy. Here is one resource to help find practitioners of intravenous vitamin C.


1. Bowel tolerance vitamin C and vitamin D. Bowel tolerance dosing is the simplest approach. This just means until you have loose stools and this will change depending on how sick you are. The sicker you are, the more your body will absorb before loose stools. Ranges are typically 1-20g/h every h. Liposomal vitamin C will be absorbed better resulting in greater bowel tolerance. Do not use sugary vitamin C, as ascorbic acid and glucose use the same transporter and compete for entry. Sugary vitamin C pills do not work and should not be sold. Know that too much sugar will ruin even the best supplement/drug/whatever approach. The evidence for vitamin D deficiency in COVID susceptibility is unequivocal (especially dark skinned individuals) at this point. Ideally take at least 5000iu/d or 50,000iu/week, always taken with vitamin K2 as MK7 isoform. I would not take calcium supplements. Truth be told, calcium supplements are associated with increased mortality including increased cardiac arrhythmia and cardiovascular calcification blockages similar to COVID. 


2. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), 3% H2O2 in nebulizer 3-4x/d as needed for respiratory symptoms. At this point, it Is hard to get nebulizers, inhalers can be used, and a little spray bottle may work. Some people with vitamin C to nebulizer as well. I know less about the latter. 


3. Perhaps high-dose IP6 as needed (2-10x on an empty stomach, with water only, consume nothing else for at least 20m, no more than 3d consecutively). Do not take 10x/d dose of IP6 more than once a week.. Excessive IP6 will eventually start to reduce iron. 500mg lysine for endogenous antimicrobial/antiviral peptide synthesis etc…


The likely best currently clinically proven strategy is a combination of cortisone + high-dose intravenous vitamin C + heparin (Adopted by Marik, Varon, etc... in the USA & the standard now in Shanghai, China)



ER physician recommends that all persons with cough, fatigue and fevers should also have regular pulse oximeter monitoring because oxygen saturation drops (normal is 94-100) precipitously with COVID prior to pneumonia and early treatment is needed to prevent being put on a ventilator. Pulsed oximeters are readily purchased under 100$ and easy to DIY. Not all are accurate though, so try to shop for good quality.  



Some products are running out of supplies, especially vitamin C, so use these to shop for equivalents. 



My clickable shopping list for addressing any coronavirus disease:

Vitamin C as powder or liposomal pill

Multi-mineral chelate

50mg zinc with copper roughly15:1

Thiamine as pill or powder

Niacin (pill or powder) or NMN for making your NAD

Vitamin D 5000iu/d or 50,000iu/wk

Vitamin K2 w/ MK7 isoform, ≥100µg


Zinc & Selenium


Lipoic acid

Potassium bicarbonate

Fish oil


Sea salt as Himalayan or red Hawaiian, but perhaps any is good, just a little more pollutants with some than others. 


Never forget, the best things in life are free or the cost of food and you do not always get what you pay for. All of this will cost less than one typical health insurance premium and the benefits can not be denied. 


Many coronavirus orthomolecular medicine news updates and practicing physicians (as well as biomedical scientists, such as myself) are listed here.  



There are many references:

Tom Levy (Tom is amazing, see his books and videos/VitC and everyting else!), Brighthope, Andrew Saul, Steve Hickey, and Michael Gonzalez are just a few of many living practitioners with decades of experience in using high-dose vitamin C, especially Steve Hickey and Michael Gonzalez (Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Nutrition Program). They actually know how amazing high-dose vitamin C is as well as the safety. 


Klenner did more clinical C than anyone. Abram Hoffer did more high-dose niacin than anyone and much more, Cathcart did the most oral vitamin C. Kalokerinos and Linus Pauling. These individuals are all deceased. 


High-dose Vitamin C Safety

Sodium ascorbate form is the best form. Hypertension is not much of a concern as it is in fact sodium chloride that elicits hypertension. At the highest doses, potassium ascorbate can be dangerous. metal chelates (manganese, molybdenum, calcium, many more) can be toxic. Magnesium ascorbate is very good as well. Ascorbic acid can be easily buffered by adding baking soda to the ascorbic acid. Carbon dioxide will leave as it bubbles and sodium ascorbate will be formed. This makes it less acidic and less of a concern for your teeth enamel. Baking soda can be added at least 1 part to 6 parts ascorbic acid. 


Here is an excellent presentation focused on treating coronavirus disease with high-dose vitamin C from Dr. Yuen Chuen Raymond, a practitioner based in Singapore.


The best things in life are in fact free or the cost of food, like vitamin C, niacin, zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium for preventing/potentially treating COVID-19.


The value of good health and energy is priceless, but good scientific knowledge is essential. 


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