Zinc Deficiency Causing Loss of Smell / COVID

One of the most distinctive symptoms of the COVID susceptible is the loss of the ability to smell.
Zinc deficiency causes people to lose the ability to smell and this is commonly observed in elderly patients that are zinc deficient, where zinc supplementation restores the ability to taste food.
Zinc is commonly used to treat colds and COVID-19 is a cold family virus.
Zinc deficiencies may be one of the most important factors controlling susceptibility to the COVID-19 virus.
Molecular biologists know that literally thousands of our genes encode for zinc finger domains.
Any thinking molecular biologist realizes that the most practical value of their research is the realization that zinc is required for thousands of genes to function and so supplementation can be used to restore gene functions.
As Napolean Dynamite would have said, “eat your zinc Tina!”
Caution: Too much zinc will deplete copper by competition and vice versa. Ratio of 15 zn : 1 copper is often recommended This pill is a good price and a high amount of zinc.
To insure no zinc deficiency, a good zinc pill like this one can correct and prevent so health issues.
Here is a good mineral mix as well.
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