Essential Molecules


The essential molecules are the molecular parts of the human body machine.


The absence of essential molecules definition leads to cell death. 


Stress, infection, and other factors can actively deplete these. 


It's been known in the literature for decades that scurvy levels of vitamin C are observed in the literature, but this is not taught in medical schools or even known by most practicing physicians. 


Dr. Paul Marik, MD is an acute care physician that has demonstrated that high-doses of intravenous vitamin C save the lives of patients with sepsis when done correctly. 


Similar approaches are being used for COVID-19 with similar success. 


This is just one example. 


The essential molecules required for human cellular life are vitamins, many trace minerals, several essential amino acids (don't forget taurine), and essential fatty acids.


This is the pinnacle of western medical science. 


Know your essential molecules and when to use them for said indications and you can find great energy and life. 

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